Purpose built unit for man-portable and helicopter operations suited to Resouce and Geotechnical Investigations

Man Portable

Diamond Oring (300m and 600m N)

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Diamond drills for exploration and brownfield drilling. Heliportable and track mounted units available

Medium Capacity Diamond Drills

Diamond Oring (800m and 1400m N)

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We have a fleet of compact RC units that have been specifically built to ensure they are cost efficient and safe productive units.

Shallow RC

Reverse Circulation Drilling and Grade Control


We have tooling to drill rotary wells to depths of 1000m in a 6" hole and production 17.2" bores to 350m.


Rotary and Water Management Applications


Primarily for exploration and geotechnical drilling these drills can be configured as heliportable, skid or track mounted

Shallow Capacity Diamond Drills

                                Diamond Oring (800m N)

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With Depth capability up to 2500m QED can provide directional drilling for mother and daughter holes to hit the target

Deep Capacity Diamond Drills

Diamond Oring (to 2500m N)

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Schramm RC drills for exploration to 300m+ matched with auxiliary Compressors and Boosters.

Deep RC

Reverse Circulation Drilling and Grade Control


Utilising the Epiroc range of underground diamond drills, QED operates the U4, U6, U6 Smart Drill and the U8 Smart Drills.

Purpose modified drills have also been provided for specific applications.

Underground Drills


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