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Our Core Values and Our Commitment

Corporate values shape organizational character. Values , part of the fabric of an organization, stem from the organization’s current leadership. It is our ardent belief that the values that come from our founders, properly modeled and reinforced, can live on through generations of QED’s leaders.

Quest Exploration Drilling’s core values and commitment are critical to the long-term growth and value of the business. By hiring based on these values and holding each other accountable to QED’s standards, the values become the foundation of the organization’s culture – regardless of who is in charge.

A passion for accountability and professionalism – More than just simply getting the job done, when a project is commissioned to QED, your business achieves results. On and off site, QED is a company that prides itself in integrity.

A zeal for collaboration – When you work with the QED, the group sees it as an opportunity to learn from one another where quality, innovation and improvement is top of mind.

A responsibility for environmental protection – Protecting the environment is a huge responsibility, especially in the resource development industry. This is why QED has taken upon itself to work with our clients and other organizations that have like-mind evironmental awareness to ensure our presence goes unnoticed once the project is completed.

A dedication to safety for all our employees, customers, and projects – In an industry where health and lives are costantly at stake, safety is paramount. Our investment in the safety of our people, giving them the skills, knowledge and training needed to undertake their job safely while providing them with industry leading equipment is QED’s license to operate.

With these core values in place and in effect, understanding QED’s proclamation “Reduce Your Risk” takes on a more substantial definition

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