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The Executive team of Quest Exploration Drilling (QED) consists of industry veterans who average 20 years and more of relevant experience in their respective fields of expertise.

The proactive management style of the group has guided QED from a one rig operation to becoming one of the largest drilling contractors in the Asia Pacific region. Aside from maintaining the technical knowledge and skill base to provide the right drilling solutions for all its customers, a massive part of this success is a result of the group’s commitment to deliver business that is on time and on budget .

Currently, the company services the minerals, engineering/ geotechnical, geothermal and water management industries while also utilizing state of the art technology, a stable workforce, and a proactive safety culture driven vigorously by the QED Executive team.

Group Structure

A privately owned organization with active operations in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, the QED Head Office is currently maintained at San Pedro City, Laguna, Philippines; whilst its holding company remains registered in Singapore. To this day, QED maintains a registered company in Cambodia and constantly seeks opportunities in other countries within the Asia Pacific region.

QED’s Journey

1969 – Core management team commence operations in PNG, developing professional relationships with Rio Tinto, Placer, Ok Tedi and MIM.

1987 – Orica acquires business and consolidates operations in PNG eventualy expanding business to the Philippines.

2000 – Orica divests the business. Assets were taken over by the current executive team in the Philippines. Significant projects with AngloGold and Xstrata foster growth.

2007 – Business returns to PNG through the acquisition of NatDrill. Business continues to develop into Indonesia and Solomon Islands.

2010 – Business exceeds 50 drills in operations in 4 countries.

2011 – Business exceeds 60 drills in operation in 4 operating countries. One shareholder retires. New management structure put in place in order to allow business growth and diversification.

2014 – Long term RC grade control contract negotiated and mobilized.

2015 – Entry into the geothermal market.

QED has been successful by maintaining a conservative financial policy, positioning itself to adapt to the ever changing world energy market and meeting customers ‘ needs and demands. At the same time, the company has assimilated an experienced and well trained work force. Under the leadership of Managing Director and CEO Alan Blackley , QED sets the tone for distinguished industry practice in the field of exploration and drilling, both locally and internationally:

“No job is so urgent or so important that we cannot take the time required to do it safely. QED believes that there is continous interaction between performance, operational efficiency, personal motivation, financial success and over all quality”