Meeting and exceeding customer expectations, Quest Exploration Drilling is your industry authority.

Composed of well-trained professionals with years of experience in the mining and minerals industry, the seasoned veterans of QED take pride in the group’s comprehensive service line, which complement
the group’s core strengths:

The Minerals Industry

The minerals industry (encompassing exploration, extraction and processing) is a major contributor to national income, investment, high-wage jobs, exports and government revenues. It operates in a global
environment where competition for markets is intense, where investment opportunities abound in other resource-rich economies and where capital, people and technology are highly mobile.

A seasoned player in the minerals industry, QED has a strong, practical commitment to corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability giving us our social license to operate. Working together with the community, the government and our clients, QED is aware that resources can only be found and developed with the support of all parties concerned.

The Engineering, Geotechnical Industry

The group provides leading-edge engineering and geotechnical specialist services in our region of interest for our customers in areas that include offshore and onshore oil and gas, renewable energy (hydro and geothermal), mining feasibility, engineering and construction, and environmental monitoring.

The Geothermal Industry

Clean, abundant, and versatile natural resource, Geothermal energy is ready to meet an ever greater share of the world’s steadily escalating energy needs. Geothermal energy is ideally suited to provide the required thousands of megawatts of electric power with the least environmental impact. The principle barrier to more rapid geothermal development is cost and resource certainty.

The resource uncertainty problem confronting geothermal companies is how to predict, efficiently and economically, where production drill wells can be sited with the best chance of intersecting thermal-fluid channels and reservoir rocks deep in the subsurface. This is where QED can help its customers by drilling cost-effective exploration wells in advance of development.

Water Management

The growing imperative in today’s world is the ability to deliver clean and safe water to its increasing population. The drilling of large diameter deep water wells is a core competency and QED makes safe, environmentally sound and socially responsible decisions to achieve the desired results for each and every water management project.

Water management on large scale mining and engineering projects requires a variety of solutions. QED provides many of the required solutions by drilling large diameter deep water wells, monitoring wells with instrumentation installation and slope stability dewatering.