Despite a work environment that involves heavy equipment, hazardous materials, high temperatures and extreme pressures, the exploration and drilling industry fully recognize safety as critical to the success of any project. Safety, if properly carried out, can help focus the company’s efforts at improving the work environment thus translating to better production and quality control. With a fully engaged safety program, the employees are more aware of the risks involved in the occupation thus learn how to better execute their jobs.

The QED group is committed in developing the technologies, standards, best practices and programs needed to help ensure that workplace safety is at the forefront of its activities. Exploration and drilling being high-risk occupations, QED has made it its business acumen to invest heavily on the right training, implementing the appropriate policies & procedures, purchasing the necessary equipment and hiring only suitable professionals, all for the advancement of its safety program.

Abiding by the SHE program (Safety, Health & Environment), QED has now added Community to its safety mix. The SHE program describes the company’s approach on how to prevent accidents, injuries and illnesses on and off site while making sure that the environment and the community the group operates on are never compromised.

QED regularly checks its current safety and health system, and constantly finds ways on how to strengthen its safety strategies. The following sectionin QED’s SHE program describe these key factors and hopefully, provide your business the necessary knowledge on why safety should be a part of your own safety and health management system.

Safety, after all, is everybody’s business.