Safety and Health

Creating a safe work environment is critical to the success of a business. A high regard and practice for safety is also the best way to retain staff and maximize productivity. Knowing and understanding health and safety laws help a business avoid unnecessary costs and damage caused by workplace injury and illness thus providing businesses a strong foundation to achieve long-term success. Though safety practices, training and equipment are expensive, the harmful and costly consequences of not taking action is sound reason to make that necessary investment.

Through continuous safety and health workshops, seminars and on the job training, QED continues to implement industry best practices on safety that should translate to a safer work environment for


QED believes that the health and safety of its employees is vital to the success of its operations. The company is committed to conduct its operations in a safe and productive manner that will not hurt or endanger a life. Embracing the ‘zero accident’ principle, QED seeks to comply with all the appropriate laws and regulations necessary to make safety a way of life for everyone.

The role of management is to provide the necessary training and effective supervision while cascading the mandatory information and literature for potential workplace hazards to its subordinates. The employees, on the other hand, are responsible for following the nominated safe working procedures, wearing the required protective clothing, to care for the safety of their fellow employees, to vigilantly report all hazards and incidents while being able to accept and perform their responsibilities excellently in the profession they have chosen.

Everyone in the company is entitled, and responsible, to contribute towards the development of a safe and healthy work environment, hence QED expects the active participation of everyone in the company to help develop and enhance the company’s health and safety programs.